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1. What is ?

- is a webspace dedicated to trainers and training seekers. It is a simple platform where trainers and training seekers meet and discuss their training capabilities and training needs respectively.

2. Who can register on

- Register, if you are Trainer/Tutor or if you are some one looking for a trainer (ex students, parents , general training seekers, corporate training seekers etc) or if you are a training organization.

3. What is the benefit of registering as Trainers/Tutors ?

- Your profile gets stored in our database and is visible to trainers and training organizations.
- You are able to search open requirements and contact the training seekers.

4. What is the benefit of registering as Training Seekers/Training Organizations ?

- Your can search our trainer profile databsae.
- You can post your training requirements.

5. Is there any charge in registering on ?

- Registrations on is free of any cost.

6. How can I advertise on

- You can create your text advertistment directly by clicking on Advertise link.

- You can also send the image file to
- Please visit Advertise link for details.

7. Is advertistment on free of cost ?

- Yes, advertistment is currently free of cost.

8. Can I contact trainers directly?

- Yes, you can contact trainers directly or send them message using our send message functionality.

9. I am not able to see Contact Trainer option in Trainers Details window?

- Please expand the window to full screen. It is on the right hand side.

10. How can I deactivate my account?

- You can only delete your account permanently as of now. Please follow the link My Account - > Delete Account. Please do send us a feedback.

For any other questions or comments you can write to us at